Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who conquered who?

I didn't think I would do it. Climb Mt. Tapyas in Coron town, Palawan. Michelle jokingly asked me to leave it for the last part of the trip and I was serious when I told her it wasn't part of the itinerary.

But with some time left after an interview, I decided that a shot of Coron town from the top would be good for my article. I also imagined how a shot of our cell site set against the town would look.

Mark, one of our engineers, gallantly insisted on accompanying me. Why, I couldn't imagine. Thinking that the heat had gotten into his brain or he was just genuinely bored, I took him up on his offer. In hindsight, it probably must have been because he wanted to make sure that this aging colleague should have someone around in case she fainted from the exercise.

Many stops and buckets of sweat later, I was wondering if I was the crazy one. But pride got me going. I'd said I would climb it, didn't I? The limber and youthful Mark (he must have been 22 and younger) was thankfully a gentleman who pretended that I was not automatically gulping mouthfuls of air since my jaw was literally hanging from lack of breath.

And he profusely agreed with me when I pointed out that there was no need to get to the top since I was aiming for a picture of myself with the large white cross that marked the peak in the background. He confirmed my view that a stop NEAR the top, would be enough. Besides, I already had the shots I wanted, he pressed on. Well-brought up man, that Mark was. I commend his parents.

Nevertheless, that must have been 650 steps still - and this is not exaggerated. My body confirmed this in the afternoon when I experienced cramps while swimming and the next day, when I could hardly walk.

I should have left Mt. Tapyas alone.

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