Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Wall, My Post

On the days leading to the Philippine Presidential elections in May 2016, I saw this phrase with increasing frequency on Facebook posts.

It usually ended a post stating a position on anything and everything about the presidentiables.  The comments and exchanges then were so heated that friendships were deleted, lost, blocked, hidden, etc. on Facebook.

I can write about it now. But at the time, I remember feeling upset at the ugliness of some of the exchanges, especially those coming from my friends. There was cursing, swearing, name-calling, accusations. And at the end of it, there was almost always that phrase or a version of it – “my wall, my post”.

Like it's license to be rude, make irresponsible accusations or statements, be malicious, issue insults…to be a total asshole and bitch.

So it’s your wall, your post. But it’s OUR space.

You indulge in behavior that would be unacceptable in an actual, physical gathering then you hide behind a reminder on respecting freedom of expression?