Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday surprise

My husband recently found himself alone on his birthday in Thailand, where he was attending a seminar. I decided to surprise him by emailing a request to Holiday Inn Bangkok, where he was staying. The request was simple: for them to print out the attached birthday greeting that my daughter and I had made for him and to give it to him when he came down to avail of the breakfast buffet.

Given the simplicity of my request, I actually expected their positive response but was still pleased when I got it.  What happened next was unexpected. Since he had so many assignments, hubby didn’t go down for the breakfast buffet but went straight to the seminar room, also located inside the hotel, to start working.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The flowers do not wish to be disturbed.

That's what the sign on top of the table centerpieces says yet hubby picks them up for a closer look.  Both of them.  To his credit, he just looks.

The one serving us explained that they had to put a sign on the decor since some of the patrons tried removing and/or touching the flowers  to check if a.) they could be removed, b.)  they were made of real icing and c.) a and b.