Thursday, February 18, 2016

Leadership lessons from Shell’s top man

Image lifted from "Thought Leaders"
In an interview on “Thought Leaders”, a weekly show featuring influential management and business leaders by Bloomberg TV Philippines, Shell companies in the Philippines Country Chair Edgar Chua gives some insights on his leadership and management style as he tackled various aspects of growing the business of oil and gas exploration, extraction, refining and delivery to consumers under various companies under the Shell brand.

Not everything happens by choice so make the most of chance.  When asked how he rose from being a sales representative in 1979 to his present position as country chair of Shell companies in the Philippines, Chua says some of his personnel movements were by choice and others, by chance.  “The important point is that one has to be open to opportunities, and to doing things that take you out of your comfort zone.” From sales rep, Chua did the rounds in Finance, Audit, Trading, Operations and other areas of the business.  He adds that a person who takes whatever is thrown him and takes it well proves to senior managers that he is flexible, adaptable and capable of doing different things.